Que Pasa

Jorge Sanchez , conosciuto anche per la presenza come cantante nel
orquesta Cubanoson , presenta il suo album solista. Che si dipana tra son , son
montuno , bolero .Nelle traccie anche una riproposizione del classico Micaela
Bogaloo .

Jorge Sanchez was born in Cuba into a musical family. He began performing at the
age five, as part of a family duo in his native land.
Upon arriving in the U.S. he worked with many of the top names in latin music,
notably, the “Jersey Cuban Boys”. Afterwards he was co-leader of the renowned
“Orquesta Riviera” and was lead singer of the legandary “Fajardo y sus Estrellas”
for seventeen years. Lately he is singing with Papo Ortega & Cubanoson, and
“Charanga 76″. …. In addition to his vocal talent, Jorge also writes most of his
material. Combining years of experience with the youthful energy and vibes of
today, Jorge Sanchez “Papito” is sure to be an artist you’ll enjoy and admire
for years to come.

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Stefano Zalin DJ

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